Do we need a new name for Two House Theology?

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Do we need a new name for Two House Theology?

Post by Joshua on Sun Dec 13, 2015 9:39 pm

Try going to any theological discussion and bring up "Two House Theology" and you will quickly find it means a lot of different things to different people. Both to those who agree with it and especially to those who disagree.
In some cases, I believe it has been abused, such as the World-Wide Church of God (Armstrongism), and equated with British Israelitism (Brit-Am) and the Ephraimite Movement. It has been used to deny salvation to some while guaranteeing it for others and to excuse racism and anti-semitism.

While it is unavoidable to call it Two House theology, and the name is quite fitting, I struggle with continuing to label it such. Correct ideas have been abused throughout history unfortunately, often before an idea becomes well known and established, and I feel like the idea of Two houses has as well. In its infancy it has been taken advantage of and twisted by some. Which is why I am all the more passionate about getting down to the work and bringing some stability and reputability to the idea in public thought.

I don't feel as though I'm throwing new paint on an old house (or two) either. I feel that the finished product will be independent enough to stand on its own. I personally came to a rough understanding of the idea with little to no influence from WWCG, Brit-Am or any other Two House Theology. It wasn't until I started questioning my own orthodoxy and started researching Two House history and legitimacy that I discovered these others, to my concurrent relief and disappointment.

So do we need a new name? To just present it differently? Let's collect ideas and suggestions here.


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